2022 Fall/Winter Bridal Trends

2022 Fall/Winter Bridal Trends

One of the best things about New Year’s is the influx of gorgeous new bridal collections, with stunning details to fall in love with. As we get our first glimpse at the latest collections, we’re falling love with the new trends we’re seeing, and can’t wait for our brides to see these exquisite new styles. If you’re looking for the latest trends to fall in love with, here are just a few of our favorites:


Mikado Satin
Daniel by Eva Lendel



No doubt, you’ve seen the gorgeous, simple bridal gowns that are becoming more popular. Keeping with this trend, designers are beginning to use mikado satin to craft these sleek, stunning dresses. A luxurious fabric that’s perfect for bridal, mikado silk is crisp and clean, and glows subtly to give you an all-over radiance. 

Dana by Eva Lendel



Along with mikado silk, designers are reaching for crepe, a classic fabric that’s making a comeback. Crepe is matte and creates stunning lines. We especially love the way it instantly adds structure to your dress, folding beautifully to create stunning pleats. If you’re looking for simple with a slight vintage flair, you’ll love crepe wedding dresses. 

Corset Bodices
21-111 by Berta



For the modern bride, corset bodices give the perfect balance between romantic and sexy—designs featuring corset bodices are often paired with dreamy tulle, subtle sparkle, and florals, giving you an effortlessly elegant, feminine look that’s perfectly romantic for your wedding day. 

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