Things You Should Know Before You Go Dress Shopping

If you’re newly engaged and booking your first wedding dress shopping appointment, we’re sharing our best tips for first time bridal shoppers. While there’s plenty done on our end at the boutique, your appointment goes much smoother if you’re prepared! Read on to find the best shopping tips for brides:

Don’t Procrastinate


When finding your wedding dress, it’s important you don’t wait too long to start shopping. While it may be surprising, the entire process of buying a wedding dress typically takes 8-10 months. This is because it takes nearly 6 months for your designer to construct your dress, as it’s made custom for you. Once it’s in, you’ll need to get alterations, which takes an additional two months. Make sure you give yourself enough time!

Come Ready


When you come to your appointment, get ready before! Seeing yourself in a wedding dress with messy hair and no makeup versus a somewhat styled look will likely change your opinion of the dress. While you by no means need to get fully glam the way you will on your wedding day, you’ll still want to look nice so you’ll have a better idea of what the dress will look like on the day of. 

Bring Guests


You should absolutely bring guests to your appointment! Having friends and family with you to share in your joy when you find the perfect dress will be amazing, and you’ll love having additional advice if you’re stuck on a tough decision. However, keep in mind that if you bring too many guests, they can drown out your opinion—and it is, after all, your wedding dress, so the decision should be yours. 

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